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  • Location: Peru
  • Job type: Employment
  • Published on: 30th April 2019

This jobs belongs to another country and because of that, the specifications of its selection process will be different. If you apply, you will be registered on BBVA in Perú.

You could get know of this country process selection in BBVA in Perú

Our Company

We are BBVA, a global bank with more than 73 million customers and a footprint that extends across more than 30 countries. We work to help people make the best financial decisions and bring the age of opportunity to everyone. We are guided by our values: the customer comes first, we think big and we are one team.


El profesional apoyará en lagestión de proyectos asignados al equipo y realizará el análisis, desarrollo eimplementación de aplicaciones basadas en tecnologías Web.Implementará soluciones enherramientas de desarrollo de software Full-stack (Javascript, Java,Postgresql, MongoDb, etc) alineadas a las prácticas opensource mediante API’s Debe contar con un perfil disruptivo que ayude ala transformación digital del Banco entendiendo y analizando las necesidadesdel negocio con la capacidad para adaptarse rápidamente a nuevos escenarios.


Experiencia adicional en implementación de proyectos de software iterativos e incrementales (Web/Mobile)Experiencia en desarrollo de aplicaciones o servicios web con tecnologías Java, Maven, JavaScript, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, junit, mockito, git, jenkins, docker, amazon web services, openstack. Experiencia en desarrollo de servicios web (REST), microservicios.Experiencia en procesamiento de datos con Python, Scala, SQL, otros lenguajes para procesamiento ETL.

At BBVA, we are proud to be a company that prioritizes diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, regardless of the race, age, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion or sexual orientation of our employees and collaborators. Corporate responsibility is an essential component of our business model, as we promote financial education and support research and culture.
Being part of BBVA means developing your career in the company that is leading the transformation of the financial sector.

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