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Responsible banking

“To bring the age of opportunities to everyone”. That is our vision, the purpose that leads all the decisions we take and the way we work at BBVA. And to bring this purpose to life, we are focused on six strategic priorities:
– New standard in customer experience
– Drive digital sales
– New business models
– Optimize capital allocation
– Unrivaled efficiency
– A first class workforce

Our commitment

At BBVA we believe in a different model of banking based on the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency.
To bring this to fruition, we have adopted three commitments:
-Strive to conduct our daily work so it has a positive impact on the communities where we operate.
-Sponsor “social business opportunities” to create social and economic value for BBVA.
-Invest in the communities where we have presence by supporting initiatives, especially those involving education.


Education is the strategic priority of the Group’s social programs, and in Argentina the focus is on financial education:
– Financial Education Program Integration Scholarships BBVA Francés: This is an initiative aimed at students between 12 and 19 from low-income families in secondary education. The main goals are the incorporation and continued presence of young people in the secondary education system, while having the scholarship holders and their families manage the grants through a banking product, thus facilitating their inclusion in the financial system. Different initiatives, such as “Artistas por la Educación”, “Deportistas por la Educación”, “Intendentes por la Educación” and conferences and publications, contribute to the dissemination and promotion of this Program.
– Financial Education for SMEs Program: The main goal is to meet training needs of owners and managers of micro-, small- and medium-sized companies, providing knowledge and management tools that help develop techniques needed for adjusting business management to current market conditions.

Entrepreneurship and community involvement

- BBVA Francés Agricultural Entrepreneur Award: In 2014, BBVA Francés celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the BBVA Francés Agricultural Entrepreneur Award, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector who have innovated and improved their profitability through innovation.
– Sponsorships for the communit:. BBVA Francés supports a large number of initiatives for the community, different organizations, charities and institutions at the institutional, educational and community involvement levels.
– BBVA Banco Francés Foundation: The BBVA Banco Francés Foundation is aimed at working with different charity ventures and supporting the arts. Its headquarters is the “Casona Alsina”, declared a National Historic Landmark and located in front of the Barrancas de Belgrano. A museum with a permanent exhibition from the plastic artist Libero Badii. The “Casona Alsina”, headquarters of the Francés Foundation and National Historic Landmark, which houses the Libero Badii Museum, has been taking part in the “Night of the Museums” since the start.

Environment and sustainability

Our commitment to the environment and efficient management of natural resources comes together in a Global Eco-efficiency Plan which establishes very ambitious goals to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity.
BBVA Francés is not exempt from this responsibility, which is why it has adhered to the BBVA Group’s environmental policy, which agrees to reconcile the economic, social and environmental dimensions in a harmonious and balanced way, in a model of sustainable development.
Based on our firm commitment to continuous improvement and preventing contamination, in August 2010 we implemented and certified an Environmental Management System under standard ISO14001 in many buildings, thus taking on our formal commitment to care for the environment.
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