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Responsible banking

“To bring the age of opportunities to everyone”. That is our vision, the purpose that leads all the decisions we take and the way we work at BBVA. And to bring this purpose to life, we are focused on six strategic priorities:
– New standard in customer experience
– Drive digital sales
– New business models
– Optimize capital allocation
– Unrivaled efficiency
– A first class workforce

Our commitments

At BBVA we believe in a different model of banking based on the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency.
To bring this to fruition, we have adopted three commitments:
– Strive to conduct our daily work so it has a positive impact on the communities where we operate.
– Sponsor “social business opportunities” to create social and economic value for BBVA.
– Invest in the communities where we have presence by supporting initiatives, especially those involving education.

Entrepreneurship and community involvement

-Momentum Project: Offers training, assessment and financing to 10 social entrepreneur projects yearly.
-Territorios Solidarios: A community service program for local non-profit organizations.

Products with a high social impact

These products give us the opportunity to generate a greater social impact, taking into account the needs of people and how they live.
At BBVA, we promote inclusive growth through three lines of action:
– Promoting one bank for all, which correctly services a low-income population through the Microfinance Foundation.
– Supporting the growth of SMEs and their social impact.
– Supporting audiences with special needs.

Environment and sustainability

The BBVA commitment to the environment and efficient management of natural resources comes together in a Global Eco-efficiency Plan which establishes very ambitious goals to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity.
What’s more, we use our foundations to promote research into climate change and initiatives to conserve species and ecosystems in the countries in which BBVA operates.