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Responsible banking

“To bring the age of opportunities to everyone”. That is our vision, the purpose that leads all the decisions we take and the way we work at BBVA. And to bring this purpose to life, we are focused on six strategic priorities: – New standard in customer experience – Drive digital sales – New business models – Optimize capital allocation – Unrivaled efficiency – A first class workforce  

Our Commitment

At BBVA we believe in a different model of banking based on the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency.
To bring this to fruition, we have adopted three commitments:
-Strive to conduct our daily work so it has a positive impact on the communities where we operate.
-Sponsor “social business opportunities” to create social and economic value for BBVA.
-Invest in the communities where we have presence by supporting initiatives, especially those involving education.

Responsible funding

– Equator Principles
Funding global projects is one of the Bank’s important activities. In 2004, BBVA adopted the Equator Principles, which involves following a set of criteria for evaluating projects from clients applying for funding, thus ensuring that social and environmental impact standards are met. Following the Equator Principles in the funding activity contributes to ensuring that it is carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner.
At present, the Equator Principles have 79 members from 33 countries and cover more than 70% of international project funding. BBVA forms part of the Steering Committee for the Equator Principles, which brings together 14 members from 12 countries. The Bank coordinates the administration, management and development of the Principles on behalf of the members of Equator Principles financial institutions.
– Green Bonds
The Green Bonds are a type of bond (debt) issued by companies to fund projects linked with environmental protection, and they arose in response to investors interested in opportunities with these types of projects.
Under the context of responsible banking, BBVA participates as a member of the Green Bond Principles, which are a set of voluntary guidelines to follow when issuing these types of bonds, based on transparency and integrity. They establish a standard to guide the issuers of these bonds on the key components of an issuance, ensuring the availability of information to the investors and facilitating subscribers with transactions on the market. 
The Green Bond Principles were launched in 2014 and have been developed with the collaboration of issuers, investors and environmental organizations.