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Talent Business Partner - Retail

At BBVA, we are working to make banking better for everyone. That is where you come in. We are looking for smart, team oriented people who want to be part of a first-class workforce that gives people the tools they need to meet their financial goals, all while delivering an outstanding client experience. Learn more below.


  • Bachelor’s degree required.  Master’s degree preferred.
  • For the T&C BP Level III, Minimum of 10 years professional T & C (HR) experience; Management and significant knowledge of the line of business; or related experience.
  • Must have strong MS Office skills.
  • PHR or SPHR preferred.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in: employee relations, staffing, relationship-building, problem-solving and analytical decision-making, delivery of training programs, providing support and guidance to a diverse client base, policy and procedure interpretation, and federal and state employment laws legislation.

Technical Skills

  • General knowledge of BBVA’s organization and strategy preferred.
  • Specific knowledge of the business unit to which they are providing support and the policies, management model and T&C processes (Workforce plan, engagement strategies, remuneration policies, mobility policies, development, etc.).
  • Analytics based on data and problem-solving skills.
  • Change management.

Other Skills and Knowledge

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Impact and negotiation skills
  • Project management and change management skills
  • Strategic and business vision and results orientation
  • Orientation to the Internal Client
  • Strong time management skills
  • Agile experience
  • Ability to manage priorities
  • Ability to empathize with client’s needs
  • Initiative and proactivity
  • In-depth business knowledge of the business units to which the Business Partner is providing support.
  • General knowledge of T & C (workforce planning, engagement strategies, compensation policies, development, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the organization: main functions of the Group (ex: Agile Org, New Operating System ...).
  • Analysis and interpretation.
  • Experience in Change Management
  • Self-starter who works collaboratively with other members of the client and T & C (HR) teams
  • Client-oriented

Work Environment

  • Most work is performed in an indoor, climate-controlled environment with occasional assignments outside the office include travel to client sites. Standard business hours; however, some early morning, late evening or weekend or on-call work may be required.
  • This position requires the ability to communicate ideas by means of spoken word in person, by phone, digitally and/or electronically, as well as the ability to make presentations inside and/or outside the organization.


The Talent & Culture Business Partner (T&C BP) is the key component for aligning the employees with the Group’s purpose, values and strategic priorities, advising, designing and implementing solutions that are adapted to each unit, related to people management within the framework of the business strategy and the People Management model.


The T&C BP’s mission is to centralize the relationship between the business units and T&C, as well as offer advice in their role as internal advisors/coaches on people management matters. BBVA is in a transformation phase, empowering our managers, staffers, and people leaders to assume greater responsibility in the people management function within the organization.  The T&C BP will also be responsible for implementing the T&C policies and initiatives in the areas of responsibility, as well as defining the KPIs and other forms to monitor activity.


The T&C BPs collaborate closely with the Talent Acquisition team, also part of the T&C Client Engagement Team, working as "One Team" in filling the vacancies identified in an area. This configuration guarantees success in the process of filling vacancies, by complementing the skills and competencies of the people in both teams:

  • The T&C BPs contribute their knowledge of the area, detect the need, support the recruitment process and collaborate on the onboarding in the entry process.
  • The Talent Acquisition team contributes its expertise in candidate recruitment processes, based on a set of needs detected by the T&C BPs/business area.
Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Partner - must establish a relationship of trust with the business area it serves, helping the unit achieve its objectives by using T & C levers.

  • Facilitate the transition and boost the implementation of “Agile” and the new People Management Model, acting as Change Managers in the business area they support.
  • Participate actively in the governance of the Area (Area Management Committee and Unit Committees), where they can discuss the strategy and development of the area.
  • Know and advise the business area on the main trends and situation of the labor market within their area of specialization. This will be supported by the Disciplines of T&C.
  • Understand the talent situation and needs of the business unit, to design a data-based strategy together with the area heads, which will be subsequently implemented in a T&C Plan for the area. The following are some aspects that must be analyzed:
  • Workforce: composition, changes, seniority, salary situation, engagement, personnel cost, rotation, result of evaluation.
  • Segmentation of the workforce, according to the criteria established by T&C, implementing the Management Model established for each resulting segment
  • Critical positions and critical personnel
  • Internationally mobile employees
  • Prepare and implement a T&C Plan together with the area management, which includes a strategy for responding to the identified needs. This plan includes initiatives and actions for the whole group and/or specific actions by segment, in the area of:
  • Talent attraction
  • Talent management: growth plans, training plans, coaching, mentoring, feedback
  • Rotation and mobility
  • Remuneration
  • Change Management plans stemming from the implementation of an Agile Organization, especially the five T&C levers: roles model, people leaders, performance evaluation, staffing and communities of practice


Coach– serves as an advisor to the managers, people leaders and staffers in the unit within their area of responsibility.  They must support these people management roles in T&C matters, but in no case will they assume the management themselves.

  • Advise the managers (including managers, people leaders) in people management.
  • Promote a culture of Feedback.
  • Foster and participate in the People Reviews in the area.
  • Mentor and/or coach the managers (managers and people leaders), helping them to develop leadership and team support skills, within the framework of the Agile philosophy. Provide them with the tools needed so that they are capable of successfully managing the people they are responsible for.
  • Advise on and learn about issues related to performance evaluation, people assessment and compensation.
  • Advise (on request) the staffers on the best collaborators for assignment to a specific project.
  • Help the People Leaders provide guidance to employees.
  • Advise on and help implement the Gallup plans to improve employee engagement.
  • Provide advice on matters related laboral relations with the help of T&C specialists
  • Communicate the T&C culture, policies and processes to employees in the area, particularly geared to strengthening BBVA Values.


Advisor – Responsible for overseeing the events within the life cycle of the employee.

  • Guarantee that the management of each segment of employees (top talent, low performance, etc.), is carried out in accordance with the strategy agreed with the area.
  • Manage the workforce in the Area during the whole employee life cycle (onboarding, engagement, training, development, mobility, offboarding), executing the plans agreed with the Area in T&C in its "social strategic unit" mission, supported by the Employee Experience and the Recruitment Team for the execution of the associated processes.
  • Act as facilitator of the best employee experience.
  • Provide support and leadership for BBVA’s Values.
  • Help consolidate the Agile organization and the new People Management Model.