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Responsible banking

“To bring the age of opportunities to everyone”. That is our vision, the purpose that leads all the decisions we take and the way we work at BBVA. And to bring this purpose to life, we are focused on six strategic priorities:
– New standard in customer experience
– Drive digital sales
– New business models
– Optimize capital allocation
– Unrivaled efficiency
– A first class workforce

Our commitment

At BBVA we believe in a different model of banking based on the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency.
To bring this to fruition, we have adopted three commitments:
– Strive to conduct our daily work so it has a positive impact on the communities where we operate.
– Sponsor “social business opportunities” to create social and economic value for BBVA.
– Invest in the communities where we have presence by supporting initiatives, especially those involving education.


Education is the strategic priority of the Group’s social programs, and in Chile the focus is on financial education and on improving the education of children from disadvantaged areas:
– Niños Adelante: An initiative to improve the education of underprivileged children throughout the country, with the aim of offering them better opportunities for development and social integration. It is aimed at pre-schoolers aged between 0 and 4.
– Financial education for high school students: Young people learn about concepts like savings, loans and responsible indebtedness in workshops taught by the schools’ own teachers, who received prior training.
– Financial education for adults: Workshops that improve individual financial culture, enabling them to make informed decisions.
– SME Training: A program that provides management tools for small and medium entrepreneurs so they can successfully run their businesses.

Entrepreneurship and community involvement

- “Jóvenes Emprendedores Sociales”: This program trains young people with higher technical education in the competencies needed to carry out entrepreneurial and innovative projects. The work methodology also aims to develop the spirit of enterprise, promote self-employment and stimulate a special interest in social issues and the need for social change.
The best social entrepreneurship projects receive seed capital from BBVA Chile and Fosis to start up their initiative.

Environment and sustainability

The BBVA Group companies in Chile contribute to the environment by means of a sustainable business model that drives the integration of environmental criteria within the activities they carry out.

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